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A New World

We have to learn a new way of living our daily life. After this lock down period is over, a new world order will begin to protect oneself and our loved ones from the coronavirus.

Following changes may take place:
1. No Handshake, No hugging. Only Namastey
2. Preference for homemade food
3. A sharp increase in home-based hobbies like gardening, playing music, painting, etc
4. A lot of people will start working from home and companies will promote such activities especially for people with any medical conditions.
5. A great amount of reduction in Domestic and International Travel.
6. Big increase in an online consultation
7. Manyfold growth in Digital Marketing, Online Advertising
8. A sharp increase in the sale of cleaning products
9. Reduction in crime
10. More benevolent society
11. A lot of focus on saving the environment
12. A sharp decline in consumption of exotic nonvegetarian food items…and so on.. What changes do you anticipate happening in your lives?