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Changes Post COVID-19

Delhi is in RED Zone still a Traffic Jam can be seen at ITO. Big queues can be seen outside liquor shops. I can hear HONKING of cars in my colony and so on…many of our old habits and behaviors are going to be back soon.

Did we learn any lessons after going through 40 days of lock-down and an unimaginable pandemic??

Can we not change some of our old habits and behaviors? Here is my wish list:

1. NO HONKING (unless and until we have no other choice)
2. Minimize our travels within city or outside the city limits (No more joyrides just to eat parathas, ice-creams or to buy drinks)
3. Minimize Eating Out (Home cooked food is the best for your health).
4. Decide not to drink alcohol or consume tobacco (it only harms your body and you can live without consuming it).
5. Minimize our dependencies on maids, servants and drivers.
6. Trusting our sub-ordinates / colleagues and letting them work from home.
7. Minimizing Face to Face Business Meetings.
8. Practicing Yoga and other Physical Activities which build immunity.
9. Increasing the use of herbs, fruits and vegetables which increase our immunity.
10. Respecting Healthcare Workers and Cleaners who need much more attention than earlier.
11. Demanding for a robust Healthcare system
12. Supporting Healthcare and Education initiatives wholeheartedly.

and so on…

These small changes can certainly make our life and this world a better place to live.

Add your comments – one change which you wish to bring in your life and would like to see in our society.