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Insufficient Healthcare

Everyone is complaining about the insufficient HEALTHCARE facilities in India!!!

Yes, it is insufficient especially when we are going through such pandemic but we must ask ourselves did we really put in any efforts in the past to create a High Level of Healthcare Infrastructure?? Did we ask our government, our representatives to create a robust Healthcare Setup?

Just look around, gather some information – How many Hospitals do you have in the neighborhood? How many ICU Beds hospitals near you have? How many ventilators do they have at their disposal? How many of us can afford their charges? Most of the private hospitals charge INR 10,000 to 50,000 per day.
We must have answers to these questions if we want to safeguard our interests in healthcare.

Even now, it’s not too late. We must do everything possible to create sufficient healthcare facilities for ourselves and for our society. We must ask our representatives to set up High Quality Healthcare Facilities in the vicinity of our homes. We must help and support all Healthcare initiatives, research and development at a war footing.

We have to do it if we really want to #winovercorona and likewise other healthcare challenges.

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