COVID19 – Plasma Donors

  1. Click and Join NDCHRC Healthcare Network (NHN) and post your donation request. It will be amplified/shared in the NHN Network.
  2. Simply Blood – Download this App and Post your request.
  3. Plasma Line – – A platform connecting COVID-19 recovered individuals with patients in need of plasma therapy. Contact us / WhatsApp:
  4. Notion –
  5. Dhoondh – 
  6. Plasma Donor – 
  7. Need Plasma – 
  8. KAB Welfare Foundation: WhatsApp: Click and fill this form –
  9. NDTV plasma donation initiative, Email: WhatsApp:
  10. Panthak Saanjh InitiativeArranging donors – Sunny Khera: WhatsApp:, Gurbrinder Singh: WhatsApp: Singh: WhatsApp:
  11. Check out donors at: and
  12. Delhi Govt.: 


If any needs Hetero Remdesivir, please Email to 

WhatsApp: Helpline–18001034696

Resources for Blood Donation and COVID-19 Essentials

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