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Key Information for Plasma Donation


As we all that Covid-19 is increasing by the day and according to worldometers.info India reaches  1,587,982 coronavirus cases. During this period, researchers found therapy to cure the corona patient within a few days. That therapy is known as Plasma therapy. Plasma contains various required proteins that perform essential functions like blood-clotting and fight diseases against infections. In Delhi, Plasma Therapy has experimented with a patient who recovers very quickly within 3-7 days. In this therapy, doctors take plasma from the recovered one to boost the immunity of the patient. It helps the patient to fight from the infected virus. Many capable ones are donating and helping the patient by providing their plasma. 


Go through the below important points to fill the Plasma Request Form for your patient.

Important points related to plasma recipient request

1. The plasma recipient Google form needs to be filled.


Details required to fill the form:

Recipient name:
Blood group:
Cellphone no:
Date of being positive:
Hospital Name:
No of units required:

There are four plasma request forms that can be downloaded from the ILBS website and need to be filled and signed by the Nodal officer of the hospital in which the patient is admitted.

If they have the replacement donor than there is one more form (5th one) for donor which needs to be filled and signed by nodal officer. He will verify the donor details and also donor needs to carry his blood group report with him while getting donor form filled and verified by Nodal officer.

If replacement donor available: No

Our team will find one and will match that donor with your recipient. To avoid unexpected delays let us know one day before the requirement.

Replacement donor available: Yes

We will raise two tickets from our side. One for plasma recipient and other for Plasma donor. We will mention donor details in the plasma recipient ticket.

Donor details required:

Donor Name:
Age: should be between 18-60
Cellphone no:
Blood group: can be any
Date of being positive:


Terms and Conditions

  • Carrying COVID positive report is mandatory
  • Should not be having any major health issues (we can make sure by calling the donor)
  • If the person who is going to receive the plasma is other than the donor. That person needs to be present in front of the Nodal officer of the hospital in which the patient is admitted. The nodal officer will verify his details as well. An I’d proof of is mandatory to carry along.
  • Along with 4 forms, a blood sample of the patient for profile matching is mandatory to carry along.
  • An insulation box is mandatory to carry.
  • Hospital prescription with a clear requirement of no of units is mandatory to carry.
  • When everything is ready the entire process will take around 3-4 hours at ILBS. It may take longer if the donor gets rejected due to some reasons.

Let us know if we can be of any help further.

Contact Details

Mark all your recipient request to @+91 75067 38663

Mark all your donor request to @+91 98739 30696

In case you need any support, don’t hesitate to reach us.