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Child Must Sleep Properly

Sleep is the best medication and a must phenomenon of life. And in this hectic schedule of life, it is important to prioritize your child’s sleep. Sleep has a direct connection with mood, nature and behaviour. Sleep also is linked with studies and concentration. If a child is tired, he/she will withdraw from various kinds of activities. But, if the child feels fresh and had a proper sleep, there will be proper responses to different activities.

Following are few ways to provide your little one enough sleep for a healthy and sound mind and body.

  1. Physical Activities: The child must be involved in physical activities and games. Include outdoor games like badminton, skating, cricket, running, cycling, playing in gardens, etc.

DON’Ts: Do not let your child be in a vigorous physical activity mode 2-3 hours prior to sleeping. If they are physically active while it is the bedtime, they won’t be able to sleep.

  1. Soothing Atmosphere:Half an hour prior to their expected sleep time, let them get into a soothing atmosphere. Switch off TV and noise creating gadgets. Dim the lightand let them be in room and talk to them, they will feel drowsy and eventually will sleep.

DON’Ts: Do not ask them a lot of questions, just let them speak and express.

  1. Room decoration:Let them have cartoon friends on the walls, on bed sheets, pillow covers, etc. Have moon and stars with them on walls to make them feel near nature. This way they won’t feel alone.

DON’Ts: Avoid the pictures of cartoon villains and fights in the room décor. Dodge lights that can distract the child.

  1. Bedtime stories: Bedtime stories are one of the best ways to make the child sleep. The stories of care, bravery, winning, friends, family, etc. make a child sleep with positive and optimistic thoughts.

DON’Ts:  Avoid the stories with violence and sad endings. It is important to give child the relaxing feel.

  1. Proper Meals:Let the child be fed with proper meals. Dinner must be given at least two hours prior to sleep time.

DON’Ts: Make sure that the last meal of the day is not very heavy. Do not let the child sleep just after dinner. Let them have a small walk and school work in order to help them digest their food.

  1. Your presence: While they hit the bed make sure you are with them for some time. Your touch and presence will do wonders.

DON’Ts:  Do not make your child habitual of sleeping only in your presence.


  1. Remove Stress:You have had a tiring day too. Try and have some fun talks with your child. Talk about their cartoon heroes and how they live their life. Enter their simple and imaginative world of curiosities.

DON’Ts: Avoid homework talks and talks that can make them frustrated. Do not scold them.


  1. Sleep Environment: Peaceful and positive environment is a must for a child to sleep properly.

DON’Ts: No matter what, do not shout when it is the time for the child to sleep. It will have a long term effect not only on sleep but also in behavior.

  1. Remove fears:Be your kid’s HERO and remove their fears. They drain out their energy throughout the day with so many activities; tell them that in darkness while they sleep, they will gain back their energy and will be ready for the next dynamic day.

DON’Ts: DO NOT use fear of anything to make them sleep, it will not only scare them but also will have a long term effect on their personal behavior.

  1. Reward System: Keep a weekly or fortnight cycle of rewards. It can be a book, colors, drawing book, puzzles, flash cards, etc. Make sure the reward revolves around their overall development.

DON’Ts: Avoid chocolates, expensive gifts, junk food, TV, etc. in rewards.

These are a few things you can do to make your child sleep properly and help them have a disciplined daily regime. You know your child well, so, you can design your own methods to help to child sleep.


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