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Children of NDCHRC is an unique initiative to bring forward the stories of underprivileged children visiting NDCHRC Centre in Delhi. These children range from 3 to 14 years age group. They live with their parents who are migrant labourers but hardly have any means to tend to the growing needs of their children. These children loiter around and play in the street. 

At NDCHRC, we are trying to give them exposure to various activities which give them an opportunity to explore their individuality. With help of volunteers, common people and our own resources, we are trying to provide them Life Skills Classes, Health Care Facilities, Books, Art & Craft Classes and most important FOOD. These kids do not go to any formal school and don’t even get one full meal per day. You can well understand their plight. 

For more details, please contact Pratyush on +91-9599824600