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Being a Kid isn’t that easy!

What do you do when you are tired?

Take a leave, go out and enjoy with friends, go for shopping, movie, etc.

What does a kid do when tired?

Wake up early, go to school, complete the work of school, come home and finish the home-work and assignments, go wherever you take them, eat what you have made, behave in a way you want them to behave, etc.

Now, there is no need of explanation I guess. It happens almost every day. And No, your efforts to keep them happy aren’t kept aside. They are there and are always appreciated. But today, we are going to talk about kid’s study pressures: CAUSES and its EFFECTS.


  1. Excessive home-work: It is extremely important to study. It plays a crucial part in life is also true. A child starts going to school at the age of 3-4 years. And every day he/she is given worksheets to complete in homework. At this tender age, their maximum time is taken away by all these works. In today’s times, they are unaware of outdoor activities and the importance they have in life. They are in school and then they are busy completing their homework.

May be a proper balance is required to be created and it can only be done by parents.

  1. Teacher’s fast pace of teaching and scolding: Teacher’s play the most important role in a child’s life. They put the stepping stone for development of the child. Since they influence their life, their actions and reactions also play important role. Teachers sometimes forget that every child is different and so is their learning capacity and capability. And this leads to a mis-balance between the teachers’s teaching speed and child’s learning speed.
  1. Parent’s Expectations: This is one the biggest causes for the creation of tension in children. Parents are learned and professionals, they expect the same amount of dedication from kids too. Parent’s social status becomes the key factor in pressurizing the child. They are expected to fulfill wishes to keep a rank. At the end of the day, they are exhaust and tired is something, the parents need to understand.
  1. Tuitions: First school then tuition and work to be done for both. In recent times it has become a trend to send kids for tuitions at a very early age. Due to busy and hectic schedules more focus is put on tuition classes. But again it is forgotten that there is more to childhood than tuition and studies.


  1. Loss of concentration: In the growing age the body of the child is developing its strength and immunity. Due to lot of work and studies, the body doesn’t get proper sleep or rest and then start the health issues. A child doesn’t even have time to take proper rest and is prone to lose of concentration. Lack of sleep is one of the main reasons to not be able to focus on things and they also become irritated. Food and sleep of a child are not to be compromised, is something everyone needs to know.
  1. Confused nature and behavior: Improper food patterns and lifestyle of kids play serious role in their life. They cannot express the way an adult can. They do not understand what is happening to them. And due to that, everything gets converted to frustration. They speak loud, rude and irritated. The mind and body are deprived of peace and relaxation. Parents need to understand this fact. They need to put themselves in their shoes and take actions. You need to stop taking and considering others advice and opinions for their kids. As a parent you need to know your child and create a comfortable world around him/her.
  1. Avoiding family time: Scared of being scolded or punished, kids stop spending time with parents. You as a parent need to observe their daily behavior. Do not keep them in a frame of fear, because that will make them disturbed whole of their life. They will always feel being tested and keep trying for proving their worth at such a small age. Try respecting them and trusting them and holding them no matter what. They will make you proud way better than you will ever expect.
  1. Frustration and stress: No play time…No friends time…No fun time…Less family time….More school work…Even more homework…will lead to a lot of stress. And at any moment if they feel that you don’t trust them or want to make them what they are not, you are going to lose them for long. And they will doubt their own credibility and will never be able to grow and have confidence. They will always remain a follower and will hesitate in taking a lead.

As a parent you are the biggest strength for your child. Be their power and they will be the superheroes you want them to be. Don’t impose your likes and dislikes on them. You have made your identity with your hard work and passion for work.Give them time, and they will make their position and mark. Just be a light for them. They will crawl, walk, fall, rise up again and succeed in life. Have faith in them.A happy child is a reason for a happy family.

-Mitali verma (

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