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Current Crowdfunding Campaign - Win Over Corona

Doctors and Nurses and the rest of the healthcare staff, across Delhi-NCR Hospitals and Clinics, attending patients suffering from COVID19 are in dire need of YOUR support!
The selfless work by our Doctors, Nurses and support healthcare staff across India to contain the COVID19 pandemic impact,  needs immediate and urgent attention.
YOUR support to help them have adequate supply and availability of 
PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) that includes Cap Cover, Face Mask N95, Hand Gloves, Surgical Gown, Shoes Cover along with 
Hand Sanitizers, Hand Wash Liquid and 3-Ply Mask is critical
Pratyush Kumar, founder of New Delhi Children’s Hospital & Research Centre (NDCHRC Trust) and NDCHRC Volunteers have taken the task of facilitating the supply of these important supplies to hospitals and clinics having urgent need of the same, thereby supporting the efforts of the Delhi Government and GOI.


We have launched a Crowdfunding Campaign on www.milaap.org to raise funds to help 


Doctors and Front-line Workers 

They are risking their lives to save OUR lives and We MUST support them NOW!


NDCHRC team has been exploring various ways to help children at risk. With help of our volunteers, we raised funds by successfully using the crowdfunding platforms.

Here are some of the cases where we have helped the children suffering from cancer.​

1. Baby Livjoth – Funds Raised – INR 8 Lakhs


2. Ayush – Funds Raised – INR 72,000


3.  Help for Healthcamps:


Our team is keen to take up and support any such genuine case. Please do reach out to us if you need any help.