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Cultivating Confidence In Children

Confidence is something that makes you stand out in the crowd. It is something that’s gives you enough courage to take risks and grow in life. It is also the thing that wipes off the stage fear and creates a leader in you. All these things are important for any individual. And when we talk about a child, all these qualities are mandatory for survival in this hard and fast world. They face the teachers, classmates, school staff, friends, parents, etc. in a day to day life. They need to prepare assignments and projects to be presented in front of so many. So, low confidence is just not an option.

You, as a parent, are the key source for developing child’s self-esteem, self-respect, self-confidence, and self-value. All these things will make a huge difference in their life in longer run. You as an individual face these problems many a times, at work or in social life. Sometimes you get nervous, or you have a fear to get on to the stage, or speak to people, etc. If at this age, you face such challenges, then think of the little one. To make sure that your little one remains strong and face everything in life with confidence, start working on it now. Make sure you do the following things in a regular pattern so that it retains for life.

WOOOFFFFF their fears:

Kill the fears that they have or might build up. May it be darkness, ghost, punishment, scolding, etc.

DO NOT USE FEARS to make your child obedient or disciplined. For some time it will be ok, but in longer run, it will make them dependent on your fears for living their daily life. They will always need someone to lead in all the areas of life. And you definitely wouldn’t want that. Would You?

So make efforts in making them independent, so that, they can do their work, by themselves. And once they feel that they are capable of doing their work, they will never lose their confidence, because they will always know how things work.

Give your child the power of being independent and not the fear of being wrong.


Let them Speak their point of view:

In most of the houses, it is a common practice that since it is a child, it won’t know anything and won’t understand things either. Hence, there is no point of taking their point of view in consideration.


Scientists say that the brain of a 5 year old is twice as active as an adult brain. It indeed is true. They understand things well, they also can reciprocate well. But due to the stereotype thinking that we have in our head makes it difficult.

Sit with your child, talk to him/her, take their suggestions, and you will amazed with the solutions. They will give you pure answers because they are not yet conditioned for things according to others.


Let them feel important and respected:


They must be made to feel as the important part of the house. And NO, you don’t need to show it by fulfilling all their demands. They need to know what is good for them and what is bad.  They must be respected for the likes and dislikes they have. Remember you also have a few likes and dislikes, which have no reason or meaning! So let them be, let them enjoy life.

Do you like being ordered or commanded for everything? Do you like being led by someone or the other all the time?

  1. right?

So think for a while and see what you are doing with your child.

You as an adult want to be the boss and lead, but you are teaching your child to follow your instructions all the time. Now, how do you think would your child be able to lead in life?


Let them READ aloud in front of you:


Yes, it very important that they learn to speak and express. When they learn to speak in front of others, no matter what the age, their stage fear will run away. They will be confident on stage. It will improve their vocabulary and pronunciation. The pattern of verbal and non-verbal communication will enhance and improve. They will be fearless while interacting with others and since they have a habit of reading, they will always have an answer.

Pick today’s newspaper up, and ask them to read 5 main headlines. Now see how they read, stand, pronounce, etc. Make it a daily habit, and they will be grateful to have you later in life.

These are a few simple things that you can do, to make your child Confident. You can definitely add more to the list, because you know your child better than anyone else.

Happy Child……Happy Family


-Mitali (

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