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Developing Imagination of your Child

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In this world of media and interactive tools, where everything is ready made and complete, our children are lacking basic imagination skills. Remember the times when you were told a story by your parents or teachers? They made sure to give each and every detail in the story and hence we could imagine things with their shape, colour, size, and other specifications.

It is important to build and boost the imagination and visualization power in kids. That not only helps in making them creative but will also give rise to better understanding and focus. Building up imagination is one of the key factors in time management. The working methodology starts to become solution oriented. Now as we know the importance of imagination, the question is how do you cultivate it in your child? Well, let’s get on a magical journey of imagination.


It is one of the oldest methods of teaching and learning. In primitive times, stories were made and symbolized on stones and cave walls. As time progressed, it started to come on paper and books. The story written in text was said and required the child to think and imagine the character and scenes. And now in the techno savvy world they are all around in books, internet, interactive media, etc. with characters and scenes already made.

For now let us switch off everything and sit with them for a story time. To cultivate the imagination, ask them to describe the character they would like to see and not the one they have already seen in cartoon.

Let them combine chotabheem, doraemon, superman, spiderman, Tom and Jerry to design a character of their choice. Ask them the colour, shape and powers they would want in their super hero.

  1. DESIGN the STORY:

Now when they have imagined their superhero, give themcolours and ask them to draw it. If they cannot draw, give them a sheet of paper with a sketched outline of a human (male or female). Now ask them to colour it the way they imagined it.

This way they will not only start to focus on minute details but also will have their personal superhero friend. How nice is a feeling to own a superhero with all the powers you wish!

Stories have an amazing strength to bring to life anything and everything. Obedience, punctuality, discipline, etc. all can be taught using stories and imagination.


Colours are powerful source of life and art. They can capture life in an art or bring life to an art. Give your child a canvas and colours. Water colour and canvas are all that’s needed. Let the fingers so the magic and colour the canvas. The picture or drawing might not make any sense at first. But when practiced regularly, it will turn to a beautiful piece of art.   They will learn to concentrate on it and it will bring out their dedication.

  1. NATURE, the Best TEACHER:

Go for a walk in a garden or farms with your child. Nature has everything that can help a child learn. Here, a child can see things and can learn object comparisons. For example, the concept of big and small, light and dark, wet and dry, etc.

Leaves and stones: big and small

Sand: wet and dry

Flowers: different colours

When they see the things in real, the concepts gets deep and then whenever they have to deal with those concepts they can automatically imagine it and use.

Practical knowledge is extremely important for better and long term learning.


Make a group of toddlers or children of same age and give them a task of making a story with new characters, background and sounds. Give them a theme, like school, games, recess, home, math, science, etc. Let us take an example of math. Many of the kids find it boring or tough. But it is one of the most interesting subjects not only for school time but for life. Math story is the theme of the drama, and hint the children to be numbers, symbols, signs, etc. and make a story. It could be a story of addition or subtraction, story of numbers, etc. This way they will not only remember the numbers but will also understand the concept of math in a long term. They will also learn to express and their stage fear will run away forever.

One more idea for better imagination is give them a role to play from the things in house. For example, let them be a refrigerator, fan, TV, washing machine, mobile phone, laptop, etc. when they play the role. Now ask them to draw their characters with specifications of buttons, colour, size, etc. While doing so, they will remember their character and imagine it while playing it.

It is a lengthy process, but once done properly, stays for life. As a parent, your participation and support plays the most important role.

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