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There are innumerable things and activities that we do, that are grasped by the kids. A habit is an act or an expression, which is done knowingly or unknowingly, but in a rhythmic or regular manner. You will be amazed to know that your actions and expressions are grasped by your kids very fast and that too for long term.

A new thing learned is to be optimistic and avoid the negatives. So, here, we will only talk about the good habits that can be imparted to kids in a daily life.


Yes, always be positive in front of your kids. In today’s fast paced and hectic life, we forget that we deliver our work and relation’s stress on our children. However, while doing so, you are making them prone to the same stress.

When you say Oh My God, so much of work, I won’t be able to do it; it is difficult, etc. etc.

You make sure you won’t be able to do it, because that’s all you talked to your head and heart.

Now, for once, let us try saying, ‘It is a bit difficult, it will take more time, however I shall try and finish it.’ This positivity that you teach your kid will help him/her survive the worst of the situations. It is like creating a soldier who has never learnt to give up.

  1. Say THANK YOU:

It might sound weird, but this word can do wonders. Say it to everyone who helps you or does any kind of work for you. May it be a vegetable vendor, or watchman, or gatekeeper, or shopkeeper, etc. This will make them imbibe the importance of work and people. They will become empathetic and helping souls without arrogance and bad attitude. It will lead to a nature that respects and accepts the right and positive. Unless you don’t show the respect you can’t expect them to show it.

‘What you sow is what you cultivate.’ – applies here apt

  1. Say SORRY:

To say sorry and accept the mistakes is considered as an attribute of a weak. But, it actually is an attribute of the powerful. If you can accept your mistakes, you also hold the capability to correct them. It is an extremely important part when it comes to learning and planning. Concept clarification and concept understanding are important. When you say SORRY, it only means that you are strong enough to accept your mistakes and signify the scope of improvement.

Saying sorry is not a formality, but, it is a mentality, a good mentality. This allows the growth.

  1. Again BE POSITIVE:

Yes, again, because it is extremely important.

You need to tell them, it is ok if they fail, but it is not ok if they give up.

Try hundreds or thousands time, we will be there as the strongest support, but don’t go low.

Keep practicing what you love to do. At least one game, activity, sport, art, etc. make sure they have one passion in life other than studies. Don’t force it; let them select it for self. Failure is not the end of the world, and this you will teach only, if your take life a bit easy and calm.

Respect elders and greet them well. This will be reflected very often in social events.

There are many more things that you can transfer to your kids.

Avoid NO, NOT, NEVER, DON’T, WON’T, CAN’T, etc.

Try and use POSITIVES.

It is possible….

Let us try…

Once more…


You can do it…

Let us do it the other way too…

You can make your child or you can break your child.

Your choice

Your Words


-Mitali (

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