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Interview with Dr.Vikram Gagneja


1) How did you get connected with NDCHRC and how long have you been associated with it?

I have been associated with NDCHRC for more than a year now, if I remember correctly the first health camp we did together was in November 2016. I got connected with this noble cause through Linkedin.

2) What motivates you to work with NDCHRC?

When I read about NDCHRC, it immediately clicked to me. The kind of work or association I was looking for some time. I always felt that I needed to do more for society. NDCHRC is the organization which matches my imagination to do something for kids. The enthusiastic team of NDCHRC, I feel, Can develop the first of a kind healthcare facility for the underprivileged children, providing equality of treatment for ALL.

3) How can you help NDCHRC to achieve their goal?

I can help by providing my professional expertise and financial help as well.

4) What are the common diseases/ problems found in kids during camps and what are the suggestive measures that can be taken against them?

The common problems found in kids during camp are malnourishment, nutritional deficiency like iron, folic acid, calcium and Vit. D etc. & hygiene related issues. We also screen them for other potential future ailment by examining them and can guide them.


Suggestive measures are educating them simple measure like hand hygiene, dietary habits and treating them for nutritional deficiency.

5) Can you share any experience of treating any less privileged child?

Over the years I have participated in many activities involving less privileged children through either government or private organization, I have been associated with. It gives me immense sense of satisfaction to do something for these special kids.

6) Would you like to suggest some easy changes in lifestyle of such kids?

 I think hand hygiene, neat dietary habits and giving them clean surroundings will solve their lot of health problems.

Immunization also plays a great role in preventing lots of infections.

7) What brings you here in such camps/clinics to work selflessly?

 Motivated team of NDCHRC and desire to do something for the society.

8) Would you like to suggest anything to NDCHRC for future camps/clinic set ups?  

Clinic set up is a great idea for treating day to day illness and educating them regarding preventive measures.

I would also suggest  providing free low cost generic medicine and also vaccinating them with vaccines which are not provided by government will help the immensely. Example typhoid  vaccine for kids more then 2 years and Rota virus for the infant group.

9) How can we keep learning and updating people about new ways of treating diseases?

Conducting health education through various modes. Distribution of information literature to the society will help in educating them about many do’s & don’t about common ailments.

 10) How much time can you devote weekly or monthly to this cause? Do you think you can do that on a consistent basis?

I will be able to help by providing my suggestions and expertise regarding this field on consistent basis. By taking part in camps, health-education seminar, preparing information leaflets. Guiding and treating sick kids.  

11)  How can we help improving child health care status in India?

Health education.

Removing myths about vaccination and other aspects of healthcare.

Providing timely intervention of sick kids, which is too great extent lacking in India.

12) Any inspirational message for people? What would you like to say to your fellow doctors who volunteer here?

Helping the people where it is most needed, Can bring greatest sense of professional achievement and happiness.

My fellow doctors, together we can bring smile back on the children’s faces.

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