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Interview With NDCHRC Nutritionist, Ms.Zaman,Delhi NCR


Interview with NDCHRC Nutritionist , Ms.Zaman

1)     How did you get connected with NDCHRC and how long have you been associated with it?

I got to know about NDCHRC through LinkedIn, Mr. Pratyush got in touch with me and that is how i got connected. It has been a year (approximately) since i have been with this organization.

2)     What motivates you to work with NDCHRC?

I found the concept very interesting, these days nobody has time to even think about others. This organization’s concept is only to help specially children. I always wanted to connect with people like Mr. Pratyush and Mrs. Bidisha, when I work for needy people i get satisfied and they are my motivation.

3)     How can you help NDCHRC to achieve their goal?

Being a Nutritionist i can guide kids about nutrition in simple terms, by designing some material. Guide their parents as well, though i understand that children/people who belong to low socio economic background have hardly get anything to eat, but there are low cost foods also available through which nutrients can be received. Other things which i have thought for future ,is guiding them about hygiene, menstruation, education, etc.

On the other hand, i do share my thoughts about this organization to whomsoever i meet in case if they are interested to donate some amount (professionally as well as personally)

4)     What are the common diseases/ problems found in kids during camps and what  are the suggestive measures that can be taken against them?

The common problems which i noticed from the past camps were deficiencies of Vitamins and Minerals, carbohydrates are an easy source for them to consume its present in maximum foods. Also children were weak that means malnourishment was also there (lack of protein).

May be we can guide them about nutrition.

Secondly, if we get good fundings from other companies then we can keep providing regular nutritious supplements (obviously designed by me)


5)     Can you share any experience of treating any less privileged child?

I am currently working in an organization where my key responsibility area is to treat malnutrition amongst less privileged women as well as children.

6)     Would you like to suggest some easy changes in lifestyle of such kids?

Even if they follow some steps which we teach them they can have a bright future. Those some steps will start from educating them about everything like health, nutrition, education, etc.

7)     What brings you here in such camps/clinics to work selflessly.

I love to help people who actually needs. It keeps me a piece of satisfaction and happiness. These days people work only for money but they don’t know that working without money gives more peace and happiness.

8)     Would you like to suggest anything to NDCHRC for future camps/ clinic set ups?

As of now, we are growing. So may be more camps to spread the awareness and more funding as well.

9)     How can we keep learning and updating people about new ways of treating diseases?

For that first we need to keep ourselves updated. If we are updated then we need to update our team members, further the knowledge can be passed to people for whom we have come out with this organization. Learning if not shared is actually not learning.

10) How much time can you devote weekly or monthly to this cause? Do you think you can do that on a consistent basis?

I am devoting time how much ever till now is needed. If in future extra time is required i would love to provide.

11)  How can we help improving child health care status in India?

We need to teach them more and more. The lack of knowledge is one big factor because of which child’s health is at the last.

12) Any inspirational message for people? What would you like to say to your fellow doctors who volunteer here

Think & work by heart and not by mind then only we can give something to our society.



Saman Zaman

Nutritionist Delhi NCR


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