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Is this your Baby’s First Diwali ?

Amongst all the ongoing festivities, clamor, and energy, Diwali might be somewhat overpowering for your infant. We have put together few of the things that can be done to keep you and your family safe and happy during the festive season.

Don’t disturb the child routine, stick to it

Upsetting an infant’s timetable could make her cranky and irritable. Attempt to stick to your little one’s normal routine. Try to make the child sleep in a quiet room than to make her spend the time beyond her bedtime taking part in the celebrations.

Attempt to keep recognizable faces around

While infants love to be touched, held, cooed and smiled at, they can differentiate amongst new and recognizable faces vis a vis known faces and loved ones.
It may take longer for a younger baby to be comfortable with the visitors and familiar faces will make the baby feel secure.

Clothes should be comfortable

Garments made out of soft cotton are best as they won’t irritate your child’s fragile skin.

Watch what your child eats

Make sure your child sticks to the foods that have already been introduced only and not try any new food during this time. A child who is exclusively breastfed can be breastfed whenever the baby shows signs of irritation or distress.

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