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Let’s Make Your House A Colourful Learning Hub

Hot summer and vacations! Indeed a difficult time or rather boring time for children. So, here we are to give you loads of ideas to engage your child in constructive activities at home. Let us take you on a colorful journey where learning is fun. It is for parents, teachers, care takers, and anyone who is concerned with child learning. A child is very fragile and sensitive, so any activity you choose must be aligned to their likes. Few are the activities that can be done when at home.

  1. Origami: It is an art of paper folding without using scissors or glue. We all have made boats and planes with paper, now is the time to sit with the little ones and learn some more things using paper. Origami papers are available at stationery stores. In case you do not find them, you can use normal A4 size papers or old newspapers.
    You can make flowers, animals, stickers, boxes, etc. using paper sheets. To know more you can search it on YouTube and find complete tutorials.
    This activity is very useful for kids in a growing stage. It improves hand coordination and judgment.
  2. Origami: It is also a paper art, but here strips of paper are rolled on a needle and given varied shapes. Again the strips and the needle are available at stationery stores. It is an extremely attractive activity for kids. Flowers, animals, birds, variety of shapes and designs can be made.
    pic5 pic6 pic7                                                                                                                         For mothers and girls there is an added advantage, they can make the jewelry of their choice and color and match it with their dresses. Again, the activity improves hand coordination and develops motor skills. Instructional sheets and videos are available online and in book stores.pic8
    For reference purpose you can see the following links and many more are available.
    Now make colourful creations with your kid and decorate their rooms.
  3. Design the alphabet: This is indeed an out of the box activity. Here, the child is made to design their own alphabets. It not only increases their creativity but also improves presentation skills. Just write an alphabet on a big page and ask them to make it colourful and attractive. Few samples are shown below:  pic9
    In the first picture you can see alphabet ‘E’ written in different ways and in the other two pictures you can see the name ‘Mitali’ written in creative ways. It is called handwritten typography. The aim is to magnify child’s creativity. This will also improve the handwriting of your kid with much lesser efforts than usual.
  4. Clay modeling: Clay modeling is an amazing activity. Different colors of clay are available in market. Clay can be moulded in different shapes. It is one of the best ways to teach kids alphabets and numbers. However, it can also be used to make creative things like animals, key-chains, lockets, tea coasters, etc.pic10
    A lot of tutorials are available online to make different things from clay.
  5. Paper plates/cups, straws, ice-cream sticks: Innumerable ideas can erupt for making use of these things for art and craft. Masks, decorative pieces, pen stands, photo frames, etc.         pic11
    Take all the old, extra pins, paper, beads, etc. and design a new world with your kid. Day wise take a theme. One day it can be aquarium, second day a fairy world, third day a desert, fourth day a zoo, fifth day a fruit market, and so on. Now that’s called learning with fun.

Make picture collages, stories, best out of the waste, etc. and make these vacations a memorable experience for you and your child.
Now all these activities are creative, colourful and development oriented. You must note that, in all these activities you and your kids are like a team. You plan together, work together and design together.
It will not only give you some quality time with your little ones but will also make sure of their proper learning and development. Many more activities can be explored in this way leading to a better understanding and coordination between you and your kid.

Feel free to contact us for more ideas and suggestions. Your review is extremely important to us.

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