NHN (NDCHRC Healthcare Network)

In last three years, NDCHRC Trust has helped more than 25000 children. At present, it is being supported by a strong network of 100+ Healthcare Professionals, 1000+ Volunteers and Well-wishers. 

On popular demand, NDCHRC Trust is expanding its horizon to help everyone with special focus to Children, Women and Elderly people. NDCHRC Trust is soon launching a new initiative – a Trusted & Valuable Global Network of Kind-Hearted Doctors, Volunteers & Patient Friendly Healthcare Service Providers called NDCHRC Healthcare Network (NHN). 

NHN is going to be launched in January 2020 as a new project of NDCHRC with the primary objective of providing quality and affordable healthcare services to everyone.

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Prime Objective / Vision:

Bringing together kind-hearted healthcare practitioners, volunteers and healthcare service providers
under one umbrella; to gain synergy, cost effectiveness, and to collaborate on best practice patient care
across the globe.
NHN’s role is to coordinate and provide resources to its members to assist them, particularly in achieving
efficient and effectively managed ethical patient care servicing.
a) Raise Funds for Helping People suffering from various health issues
b) Create Awareness on various healthcare issues
c) Support Research & Training, Purchase Equipment, and provide charitable care