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  • In last three years, NDCHRC Trust has helped more than 30,000 Children. 
  • At present, it is being supported by a strong network of 100+ Healthcare Professionals, 1000+ Volunteers and Well-wishers. 
  • Now, NDCHRC Trust is expanding its network to help all needy people especially Children, Women and Elderly. 
  • For this, NHN is creating a Trusted & Valuable Global Network of Kind – Hearted Doctors, Volunteers & Patient Friendly Healthcare Service Providers called NDCHRC Healthcare Network (NHN)
  • To join this network, please connect on https://wa.me/919599824600 or send a mail to ndchrc@gmail.com

Prime Objective

  • Bringing together kind-hearted healthcare practitioners, volunteers and healthcare service providers under one umbrella; to gain synergy, cost effectiveness, and to collaborate on best practice patient care across the globe.
  • NHN’s role is to coordinate and provide resources to its members to assist them, particularly in achieving efficient and effectively managed ethical patient care servicing.
  • Raise Funds for Helping People suffering from various health issues
  • Create Awareness on various healthcare issues
  • Support Research & Training, Purchase Equipment, and provide charitable care

NHN - Delhi Centre

NHN - Bangalore Centre - Planned

Our committed volunteers strongly believe on humanity. Their first and foremost religion is HUMANITY.

They volunteer their TIME & RESOURCES to help people in need. 

Join us to give back to the society. Do your bit to make a difference in the lives of people who need your help. Every bit of help matters and EVERYONE CAN HELP!

NHN is a project to help common people and is run by common people. Our work depends on funds received from the common people. We do not receive funds from any Government or Private Organizations. Our Patrons and Volunteers donate to help us meet our requirements. 

We strongly believe on complete transparency in our activities including funding and all expenses. You can check out all details by clicking the above mentioned link.