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Welcome to NDCHRC Family. 

The beautiful story of NDCHRC started on 30th April 2016. 

Children have no voting rights and therefore, no policymakers cares for their rights and well being. At the same time, if any child gets sick, his/ her whole family gets impacted. If the child is not treated on time, his/her sickness can cause irreparable damage to his frail body jeopardizing the future quality of life of the child.

NDCHRC has invited everyone into the growing discourse on children healthcare.

Children are the future of our nation and together we can do so much more everyday to make their lives better and thus, making our country better.

Thanks to the amazing help and support received from the common people, NDCHRC has gone about transforming one child, one family, one community at a time to make a positive difference to the thousands of children who have been deprived of timely and quality healthcare.

In last two years, NDCHRC team has organised 55+ Health Camps to help 25000+ underprivileged children.


Meet the team that steers our organisation.

Bidisha ray

Co-Founder & COO, NDCHRC

Surender singh

Varsha Saxena


Mr. Jagdeep Sethi

Mr. Sumit singh