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Prevention is better then cure – Healthy Eating

Healthy eating prevents diseases – especially within our country where malnutrition is accepted as a norm and popping multivitamin or food supplement seem to be the trend these days. Majority of population suffers from some kind of Diabetes either type 1 or Type II. The condition itself occurs due to unhealthy eating habits. Very little is done to spread the awareness of following a regime for breakfast, lunch and dinner and eating the right foods – Diabetes can be easily prevented.

Health foods are not expensive but people are unaware as what they are (other than the hyped foods) to in-corporate them in our diet. Flax seeds, Chia seeds and Buck wheat have lower Glycaemic- index thus can be added to any diet easily. They can be grounded as wheat or soaked overnight if soaked overnight these foods can be easily a part of smoothie as they are tasteless and odourless.

Categories of food –

Super foods – are high in fibre and rich in good FAT and help to reduce cholesterol such as KALE, Spinach, Asparagus and Avocado.

Starchy foods- such as potatoes

Protein rich foods- such as Lentils, chick peas, Kidney beans and of course Meat and Fish.

Potato usually considered as starchy but a boiled potato not fried – no butter; is good absorber for fats.


A glass of Mango shake/ banana shake with buckwheat or chia seeds can be a good start to the day or seeded brown bread. Mango is a fruit rich in sugar but combined with high GI index food becomes sustainable. The idea is to reduce the absorption of sugar in the blood stream and the problem is whatever you eat is converted to sugar (Glucose) so how do I make metabolism work harder to convert food to glucose – the solution is to provide foods which do not break down easily rich in protein and high in fibre. Most of the insulin production is at night time so care should be taken to avoid sugary, starchy foods and juices after 4 pm. You are better off eating a fruit as a whole rather than the juice as a fruit provides roughage whereas juice is raw sugar.

Seasonal fruits such as berries are rich in vitamin c and antioxidants.

Seasonal fruits are always a good start in the morning. Adding a small salad comprising of various colours such as green yellow and red –Kale/ spinach, tomato, onion and cucumber makes a huge difference as it increases your Glycaemic index.

Don’t change your diet drastically just make small changes to your diet and you are eating healthy.

We must ensure that kids’ food is interesting and well balanced – the best way to make sure the food they eat is colourful .Comprise of green red and yellow. Ensure that treats are at the end of each meal which can be ice cream topped with seasonal fruits or yogurts or even chocolate dipped fruit.

Overall I think we need to be aware and high time for action against Diabetes.

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