Inspiration to build a chain of world class non-profit, best quality and affordable India’s First Children’s Hospitals comes from our little angels – innocent CHILDREN who cannot even mumble a word but have nerves of steel to fight through their illness.

We as their CAREGIVERS MUST HELP them in this fight for living a normal, happy and healthy life.

Common people across the world have come together to build such hospitals of high repute to help millions of children. We get inspired by all such kind people and their selfless act of philanthropy.  Their vision, help and support led to the creation of wonderful organizations. We are looking forward to form a long lasting bond of mutual cooperation and development to provide unhindered care and love to the children of the world.

Here are some of the pictures of the world’s reputed Children’s Hospital. NDCHRC is looking forward to establish similar institution in India with help and support from everyone.