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Telehealth Services by our Highly Experienced & Qualified Doctors

NDCHRC Doctors @ your fingertips on your Mobile now!
WinOverCorona, the battle against COVID -19. Take care of your health from the comfort and safety of your home.

NDCHRC Healthcare Network (NHN ) in collaboration with KIVI Health presents an Online Consultation Service completely FREE of any cost.

Our Team of highly experienced, qualified and compassionate Doctors are just a click away. You can contact them as per their given schedule. Consultation is provided on Call/Video/Chat to help you avoid the clinic visit and get the required expert guidance in time and at zero cost.

Disclaimer: Online Consultation is not a replacement of Clinical Examination and Guidance. Please make your own judgement before following the guidance. This facility is being provided to help and guide and in any circumstances NDCHRC Trust will not be held responsible in case of any dispute or untoward event.

Dr. Isha Khetarpal    Child Specialist

Clinic Name: Pedia-New Delhi Children’s Hospital & Research Centre


Dr. Priya Varshney Gynecologist &            IVF Specialist

Clinic Name: Gyneco – New Delhi Children’s Hospital & Research Centre


Dr. Divya Nigam Dentist

Clinic Name: Dentist – New Delhi Children’s Hospital & Research Centre


Benefits of Telehealth

Telehealth is the use of telecommunication and IT to provide clinical health care from a distance.

It has many benefits like timely delivery of healthcare to the patients. Doctors and Patients are not required to be at the same place.

Any Doctor from anywhere in the world can help a patient anywhere in the world. Its a highly cost effective medium to bring high quality health care to the masses.