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Tips for bottle feeding breastfed babies


If you’re using a bottle to feed baby breastmilk, try these tips:


Try to wait to introduce the bottle until breastfeeding is well established, usually around 1 month old. Waiting too much longer can make it harder for baby to accept the change.
Have Dad or another caregiver offer the bottle, at least at first. Baby will be more willing to take it from someone he knows can’t breastfeed him.


Start with just an ounce, so you don’t waste milk if he refuses. This is new, so don’t worry if he doesn’t catch on right away. Try offering the first few bottles after he has breastfed a bit—it’s hard to learn a new skill when you are hungry!


Use slow-flow nipples and hold baby as upright as possible without letting air enter the nipple. This slows baby down and keeps air out of his tummy. It also helps ensure he doesn’t develop a preference for bottles that release milk more easily than the breast.


Switch your baby from one arm to the other halfway through the bottle, just like you would switch breasts. This helps mimic breastfeeding and slows baby down.


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