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Tips For Taking Your Kid To A Movie Theatre

Weekend or a weekday, a movie or a play is an amazing thing to relax and enjoy. But, with a little one! Needs a bit of a thinking and many a times leads to cancellation of the plan. A movie theatre is a place which is dark, noisy and full of strangers. So, for a kid to get acquainted to it, even for few hours, is little tricky. Their curious minds get a lot of things to see and know. Also, it depends on the type of the movie you take them to. A child is an innocent soul who, when doesn’t know what’s going around gets even more hyperactive and anxious. So, here is a tiny tip tilt on how to enjoy the movie in a theater with your little one.

First of all, you need to check the rating of the movie as given by the Central Board of Film Certification.

‘U’ – Unrestricted Public Exhibition – can be watched by everyone

‘U/A’ – Parental guidance for children below 12 years

‘A’ – Restricted to Adults

‘S’ – Restricted to special class of persons like scientists, doctors, engineers, etc.

The movies with ‘U’ rating are the only movies you take your child to. If it is of any other rating you might want to skip taking along your kid. The ratings are psychologically and scientifically made. According to the sensitivity of kids and their grasping power, it is not advisable to take them for movies that are not meant for them. And if you want to watch a movie that is not suitable for you kid, you can keep them with a babysitter or family.

When you plan to take your kid for a movie for the first time, make sure it is either an animated movie or involves cartoon characters, but the rating must be ‘U’. This will not only make them enjoy the movie but also will set a nice image of a movie theater. If they know that a place has something good for them, they will listen to you and also will follow as you say. So,


  1. Get your kid acquaint with the theater with an animated or cartoon movie as their first experience.
  2. Make sure your child is not tired when you take him/her for the movie. Tag along a small warm wrap in case the temperature gets cool for the kid.
  3. Be very selective when it comes to the movie timing.

It you take them out when they are tired or when it is the time for them to sleep, they will feel restless. Another point that you will need to take care of is if they have had a proper meal or are they hungry.

  1. It must be kept in mind that they are neither hungry nor completely full.

If they are hungry they will ask for food various times and will be choosy. And, if they are completely full they will need to be taken to washroom numerous times. The positive point of taking them with half-filled tummy is that they can be lured to popcorn or similar food items that they like. And that would serve the purpose of keeping them busy.

  1. Take one or two of their favorite toys.

The toys must be small and shouldn’t make any kind of sound or distract other people in theatre.


  1. Do not make them wear tight clothes.

It will make them uncomfortable and restless.

  1. The movie you chose must not be violent or scary or disturbing.

Violent movies and scary movies can leave a long term effect on kids and they might either want to replicate the stunts or will be scared to sleep.

  1. The movie with abusive language should also be avoided.

Kids have a great grasping power; they can remember the words easily. They can speak those words in general being unaware of their meanings.

  1. Do not take corner seats when you are with your little one.

Corner seats can make them uncomfortable and suffocated.

  1. Do not shout at them or scold them in theatre.

If you scold at you toddler, be sure they are not coming with you next time. Plus, they will feel insulted in front of so many strangers.

Be sure that once or twice you will have some trouble handling them. But, if you observe them carefully and take care of the things as said, it will be as amazing an experience as watching the movie.

Keep calm and have patience you have the best kid in the world.

-Mitali Verma (

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